New Dark Souls Print Inbound

With Arcadia being my first video game specific show I decided to use the weeks leading up to it to finish a few more video game themed prints.

The first of which is one of 2-3 new Dark Souls prints I’m working on.


I also did a small work in progress .gif, I don’t do a lot of process stuff like this but if people like it I’ll try and do it more often.Manus-GIFI should have the prints available in my shop in the next few weeks. That’s all for now, more new prints on the way!


Well I just signed up for the ARCADIA EXPO a video game tournament and convention in Houston on Nov. 22-23.

No idea what to expect with this one, it seems pretty small but the audience should be a little more in my wheelhouse than any other show I’ve done.

So if you’re in Houston around that time you should check it out!

In other news I’ve started another project. I suppose I felt like having 1,000 things on my plate wasn’t quite enough. It’s in the early early stages but I figured I’d throw up some of my sketches (what’s a post without pictures?)



the-shipI’m also working on a pretty cool logo design/character design gig, so as soon as I’m cleared to post stuff about that I’ll throw them up!


The Longest Post Ever

Me and my wife have just survived a very very long few months. Now that everything is back to normal..whatever that means…I’m going to try and updated my blog regularly again.

When we last spoke I was gearing up for Wizard World Comic Con, well that’s done and gone and all in all it was pretty great. I got to meet Bruce Campbell and I sold a buttload of prints.

By Meeting Bruce Campbell I of course mean that I got a picture and he got a sweating hand shake while I stammered quietly about it "being nice to meet him"

By Meeting Bruce Campbell I of course mean that I got a picture and he got a sweating hand shake while I stammered quietly about it “being nice to meet him”

After Comic Con my sister got married, where I realized how weird it looks to be fat and bearded in a suit. Then we promptly left for a Disney World road trip where I drove a camper bigger than my car across the country with no practice!

Photo courtesy of my wife's goofy ass "photo stitch" app

Photo courtesy of my wife’s goofy ass “photo stitch” app

While it was fun and one of the most relaxing trips I’ve been on in recent memory AND me and my wife memorized the entire rap from the movie “Teen Witch” it was pretty taxing and I got kind of ill. I’m still getting over that illness, but there’s no time for rest when you commit to way more projects than you really responsibly ever should so when we got back I promptly began work on a “ZOMBIE SHOOTING GALLERY” for my parents halloween party.

I decided to go with a "camper" theme

I decided to go with a “camper” theme

The finished artwork

The finished artwork

This thing is 16ft long and 6 ft high

This thing is 16ft long and 6 ft high


168 pieces of 8.5×11″ paper stapled together….seriously…


The next day we threw my little nieces first birthday party which means I had to to promptly destroy this thing…like 10% upsetting and 90% satisfying for all the trouble it gave me.

So that plus freelance gigs and day to day struggles, was my October (somewhere in there I had a birthday party for me as well).

Should have some cool new stuff coming down the pipe, lot’s of new artwork and hopefully a couple of comic books to show off before too long. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient on the updates!

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