Well good god it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I feel like I’ve lived a lot of life in between the last update and this one but I’ll do my best not to ramble here.

First off the biggest stuff I’ve been working on lately have to do with one of my newest toys. I somehow got myself a 3D printer. This allows me to turn models like this:

by bansheeindian
on Sketchfab

 Into plastic models like this:

Pretty neat! I’ve also got a slew of finishing and painting tools that I have yet to incorporate but just being able to create a physical object from a random thought in your head is slightly overwhelming.

No idea on whether or not I’ll eventually be doing stuff like this for sale but it’s definitely a possibility if I can get the quality where I want it.

I’ve also got of ton of other stuff going on the background. It all looks pretty strange without context, so I’ve decided to not give any context and just let your imagination fill the gaps.


StrayDemonEB6colorFamily-Portrait9That last one was a Christmas gift to my family.

Everything is moving as slow as it ever has but I promise to have some new cool stuff to show off in the near future.

That’s probably all I can fit in this post but keep following me and thanks for taking a look!