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Dark Red Part 2

Thought today I’d post some animations from the latest project. Sorry if this page is a bit heavy, apparently WordPress doesn’t support html5 videos. Demons in SSPPPAAAAACCCCCEEEEE…. Have some exciting stuff that I’m waiting to show off ’til I get the go ahead from some clients, so stay tuned!

Dark Red


So me and a few other guys have been working on a game lately…for awhile now actually…hence the lack of posts. It’s a 2D top down shooter set in a space station where you fight demons and stuff. Right now it’s not much more than a fun project, but we’ve learned a ton making it …

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Whip in Filmfest


I haven’t posted in awhile, been pretty busy but I thought I’d share this today. Figured it was safe to post now, since it’s passed the date. Got commissioned to do this poster for Whip In which is an awesome restaurant/tap room on my side of town. Got a lot of big things in the …

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